Gillbrae Kennels was founded in Sydney in 1974 by Alex and Olga Gillies and was established on a lovely property in Wallacia west of Sydney.
We showed, trialled and bred our GSP's with great success.


Klugerhund Siegi  was imported in Dam  and born in quarantine at Abbotsford in the days when 3 months  incarceration was required. She had a very rocky start due to injuries caused to herself and other pups during the term  of their stay. Unable to be shown, she became our foundation bitch who went on to produce some magnificent GSPs for Gillbrae Kennels. She was  mated to Ch Wildheart Nennen CD (this mating produced 4 show Champions),  his son Gesselighund Bote (out of 5 puppies we got 1 Show Champion).
Nennen was to have a huge impact on the Gillbrae lines and the way we perceived what a GSP should be. 
With Siegi we then  used another Nennen son, Ch Moruada Wotta Krakka several times,  (producing 7 Show Champions) later using  Ft Ch Ruhund Abner.
Siegi lived to the ripe old age of 13 1/2 and produced her last litter at 101/2 after vets assured me she was as fit as a fiddle. In total she produced ....multiple champions  from most litters, unheard of then and now. Of interest at that time she held the top Champion -Producing bitch title in the Commonwelth for many years.


Litter 1 - Ch Gillbrae Nice'n Easy CD, Ch Gillbrae Greatest Hit, Ch Gillbrae Moonshine and Ch Gillbrae Mi Masquerade
From the first Litter, Klugerhund Kennels retained 2 bitches, Moonshine and Mi Masquerade to rejuvinate their kennel which was decimated by the loss of their breeding stock one of which was Siegi's litter sister, Siska. They went on to produce top winning GSP's based on Gillbrae stock from Siegi, mainly Ch Klugerhund Mein Asher, out of Masquerade, a top winning GSP of his time. We retained a lovely Liver male  "Sandy" who went on to gain is Show title, Ch Gillbrae Nice'n Easy CD and his Obedience title and he was a keen competitor in the Field.

Litter 2 - Ch Gillbrae Bit of a Skite
Skite was a lovely compact Liver girl who attained her title easily but did not give us what we were looking for breeding wise.

Litter 3 - Ch Gillbrae Play'n Our song, Ch Gillbrae Wotta Secret, Ch Gillbrae Wotta Scandal
Play'n Our song "Angie" was mated to Ch Hillanhi Ardmore ( and this produced our next top winner Ch Gillbrae Empire Rose who went on to be the top winning GSP in Queensland for many years.

Litter 4 - Ch Gillbrae The Oracle, Ch Gillbrae the Sorcerer, Ch Gillbrae the Sorceress
The Oracle "Ollie" preceeded us to Queensland as an adult  and sired many beautiful babies for Spezia Kennels. He had a long and successful show career.
The Sorcerer "Merlin" went to Neil and Wendy Hughes of Thorfinn Kennels

Litter 5 - Ch Gillbrae Serenade, Ch Gillbrae St Elmos Fire
Serenade "Connie" was purchased by the Boyd family and successfully shown by Melissa. Connie produced Ch Gillbrae South'n Belle "Scarlett".

With the use of Krakka we finally found the combination we had been looking for hence using him 3 times with great success. They all went on to do great things in the showring, Obedience and as breeding stock for us and other successful kennels in NSW and Qld.

Litter 6 - Ch Gillbrae Siegi's Arlo, Gillbrae Siegi's Tjabo
Sired by Ch Ruhund Abner (Vic), Arlo spent a short time in Victoria but then returned with Gary and Ellen Mellios of Elcory Kennels to be shown to his title. Tjabo was purchased by Alison Penhall and enjoyed a good show career but was lost to her before he could complete his title on 93 points. Very sad outcome.

We moved our Kennel to sunny Queensland in 1987 with 11 dogs in tow, Siegi being one of them.
 We met with great success with our home grown girl, Ch Gillbrae Empire Rose, sired by Ch. Hillanhi Ardmore (Imp.UK) out of Ch Gillbrae Play'n Our Song. She took on all before her with some fantastic results: on her first day in Minor Puppy in Qld she won her first Challenge and was Puppy in Group at the Ekka that same year. She had her Title before she was 12 months old.
 She went on to win  Best in Show at the GSP Specialty, Many Best in Groups and awarded GSP Show Bitch of the year 7 times.  Her last show was at the GSP National aged 11 and was graded excellent. She produced Champion progeny in the show ring and the Obedience ring, with Ch Gillbrae New Design - Dennis- winning Novice Dog at the 1995  Queensland Royal National Show.
Rose was one of the very few GSP's to achieve 1000 CC pts, well before the Grand Champion Title was available.

In 2006 I was asked to go and grade a litter by a black dog Herstellener Guy in Black out of Gillbrae Play Time.
This litter was to change my preconceived ideas about black GSP's as here was a beautiful bunch of puppies that were Gillbrae type through and through!
 So impressed was I that I ended up taking home the most beautiful black girl "Kaitlyn" who became the beginning the the Gillbrae black lines. Her names says it all: Pfoetchen N'Dala Black Rose, she was named after our top Liver girl Empire Rose.
This was the time when I took a step back from showing but continued breeding many lovely dogs of all colours. But the Gillbrae flag was being flown by David and Jenny Toyer who I had brought onto the Gillbrae Prefix in They successfully finished several Show Champions and Lure coursing Champions and maintained the Solid liver side of the Kennel for me.


David and Jenny came to Gillbrae after losing their beautiful dog Jaeger at 14 1/2, which they purchased from Margaret and Ted Morgan of Shaylbrook Kennels. I had just leased back Gillbrae Solitaire for a litter to Ch Gillbrae Cody's Nice'n Easy. This mating only produced 3 boys and one of which was "Gus" to become Ch Gillbrae Body'n' Soul and this was the start of their showing career and what turned out to be a lifetime friendship.


Here we are halfway through 2015 and I have finally moved myself back to New South Wales and living close by David and Jenny and the Gillbrae's are finally back in one place together.  What an exciting year this has turned out to be, I am happy in retirement in the most beautiful place, near good friends and our Irish boy "Rory" arrives soon to start the next chapter of Gillbrae breeding.
So much has happened in the last 5 years all thanks to Ir Ch, Int Ch, UK Ch, Lux Ch Tomanipoint Celtic Knight (Imp Ir) his introduction into the Gillbrae lines has been an outstanding success, everything I had hoped for. Gillbrae Kennels has always stuck to European/UK bloodlines and nothing has changed, Rory brought wonderful temperament and confirmation to an already existing successful Kennel and has been instrumental in producing wonderful puppies not only for us but other breeders in this country. We have his progeny in every state and territory of Australia, (except WA) lets hope that changes soon.
I also have exciting news as to a new/old member of the Gillbrae family coming back to the fold. 
Siegi and some of her progeny

Siegi and some of her progeny

Klugerhund Siegi (Imp. IID UK)
Sire: Ch Wittekind Igor
Dam: Shaydorn Brown Mouse (Imp.UK)

Klugerhund Siegi (Imp. IID UK) Sire: Ch Wittekind Igor Dam: Shaydorn Brown Mouse (Imp.UK)

Ch Gillbrae Nice'n Easy CD -  "Sandy" Aged 15 months

Ch Gillbrae Nice'n Easy CD - "Sandy" Aged 15 months

Ch Gillbrae Moonshine - "Shine"

Ch Gillbrae Moonshine - "Shine"

Ch Gillbrae Play'n Our Song -

Ch Gillbrae Play'n Our Song - "Angie"

Ch Gillbrae Seranade -

Ch Gillbrae Seranade - "Connie"

Ch Gillbrae Empire Rose - "Rose"
Sire: Ch Hillanhi Ardmore (Imp.UK)
Dam: Ch Gillbrae Play'n Our Song

Ch Gillbrae Empire Rose - "Rose" Sire: Ch Hillanhi Ardmore (Imp.UK) Dam: Ch Gillbrae Play'n Our Song

Pfoetchen N'Dala Black Rose - "Kaitlyn"

Pfoetchen N'Dala Black Rose - "Kaitlyn"

Kaitlyn and Jack

Kaitlyn and Jack